Commuting days until retirement: 500

Five hundred days to go – I couldn’t let that go by without comment. It’s a sort of backwards anniversary, or anti-anniversary. Let’s call it an antiversary.

So here’s something to celebrate it:


A quincentennially starred antiversary
Needs observance that’s more than just cursory.
Despite notions you’ve got
From my profile shot
I’ve come a long way from the nursery.

My hope from today’s antiversary
That my pension will build to a bursary
Means I cannot start shirking
But must go on working –
For time is a fearsome adversary.

(If you’re a pronunciation freak, I’m sorry about the last line. I was out of rhyme words.)

3 thoughts on “Antiversary

  1. Congrats on your antiversary, duncommutin! I referred to your review of Will Storr’s book in my latest blogpost, called “homeopathy, anyone?” Thanks again for recommending that one.

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